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Sunday, 6 April 2014

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This 30 second video has narration, so you’ll need to turn on your speakers

or plug in your headphones.

LIFE-FORCE Counselling Service in Colchester offers counselling for a wide variety of issues, including anger management, bereavement, stress, domestic violence, abuse and much more…

Counselling is a process which involves skills of caring and listening and prompting. A counsellor will be supportive but give little or no direct advice, since the aim is to help the individual to develop insights into their own problems.

Through talking and sharing a person is helped to explore their thoughts, possibly difficult or painful feelings and related behaviours and thereby reach a clearer self understanding. During this exploration the person is helped to find and use their inner resources and strengths so that they can cope more effectively with life by making appropriate decisions and taking relevant action.

Longer term counselling tends to deal with more deep-seated personal issues which may bring about really profound changes and the healing of old hurts. In the process of therapy the person is encouraged to look closely at their past, their childhood and their relationships with their parents and other important people. This exploration helps increase awareness and understanding of current patterns and negative habits that may have become unconscious, daily habits and so lead to possible change and self-growth.

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