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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Counselling Course...

LIFE-FORCE is proud to be the FIRST course to meet the new BACP Gold Book Standards.

BACP writes,“Please accept our congratulations on being the first course to successfully meet and demonstrate the Gold Book requirements. Also, our sincere thanks for all the hard work LIFE-FORCE has put into maintaining and developing the accreditation status of the course.”

The Assessor “… commends the course for its reflective and diligent work in reviewing its processes in line with current developments in the profession. She further congratulates LIFE-FORCE School of Counselling on being the first course to be ready to meet the high standard of professional excellence represented by Gold Book accreditation as it becomes operative in 2014.”

The Integrative Approach

The core model of this course is integrative and the foundation of the course’s philosophy is a theoretical integration of humanistic and existential ideas, theories and approaches. The course also draws on aspects of psychodynamic thought so as to enrich the understanding of both human development generally and the dynamics of the therapeutic relationship. The holistic approach of the course emphasises the need for the integration of thinking, feeling and behaviour together with awareness of the social and cultural contexts of counselling.

An emphasis on the therapeutic relationship and empowerment of the client are seen as core to the process of therapeutic change at all times and we encourage our students to develop their own style of counselling within the core integrative model being offered.

The Course Structure

The course programme is run over a 3 year period plus a short introductory course. The four areas of the learning and assessment include theory, professional practice, skills and self-development and these are the foundation of the programme and are therefore developed throughout the three year training.

The course is presented as modules, details of which can be found in the course prospectus.

Course Certification
Stage 2
Introduction to Counselling
5 days
Stage 3
Certificate in Counselling Skills
1 year
Stage 4
Diploma Integrative Counselling
2 years

 Course Progression

Stage 2 Introduction to Counselling is a taster course designed to provide students with a sample experience of counselling training, as well as our style of teaching, to see if this is a journey they would like to take at LIFE-FORCE. During this course students are introduced to Egan’s 3 – Stage Model of Counselling along with basic listening skills, before applying to proceed onto the Stage 3 course. The School runs three Stage 2 courses per year all feeding into the Stage 3 course commencing in January each year.

Stage 3 Counselling Skills Certificate is the first year of the programme during which the students study the humanistic approach from both a theory and skills perspective, along with an emphasis on personal growth and self-development. Students are also required to complete 12 hours of personal therapy during this training year.

Stage 4 Diploma in Integrative Counselling is the second & third year of training during which students go on to explore and integrate other existential models, and by developing an increasing understanding of a range of other theoretical approaches theories and therapeutic practice, they are led towards developing their own integrated approach wherein humanistic interventions are progressively informed by a growing understanding of counselling theory and the process of counselling itself.

Students are expected to commence a clinical placement by the end of the first term of the Diploma Course, and in addition are required to undertake personal therapy alongside their counselling client work.

Throughout the course therefore the student will experience the process of counselling, both as a counsellor and as a client and during Stage 4, having undertaken an extensive practical placement working with clients, the student can become a fully qualified counsellor by attaining a Diploma in Integrative Counselling.

Course Validation and Completion.


BACP is an independent professional organisation who accredit counselling courses and also individual counsellors. To become a BACP Accredited Practitioner, the counsellor needs to complete an appropriate course of 450 training hours and also complete a minimum of 450 hours of supervised counselling practice, over a period of 3-5 years.

The Stage 3 and Stage 4 is a BACP accredited course programme. Students qualifying with the LIFE-FORCE Diploma in Integrative Counselling will have the required number of training hours to enable them to work towards individual BACP accreditation.

For further information, contact BACP, BACP House, 15 St. John’s Business Park, Lutterworth, LE17 4HB, 01455 883300.

Entry Requirements and Applications

The Course is Open Access at All Three Levels

No previous experience or qualifications are needed to enrol at the introductory level part of the programme. However students wishing to join the course at either Stage 2 , Stage 3 or Stage 4, must be at least 21 years old. Prospective students must be able to meet the English language and IT entry requirements (see Course Application Form).

Cultural Diversity & Equal Opportunities

We welcome students from all backgrounds. Our training courses are enriched by the variety of experience and beliefs brought by students with diverse cultural experience. Students will be treated and valued equally and with recognition of the differences of race, gender, sexual orientation, age and where possible, disability. The Centre has limited disabled access and facilities.

Applications need to be submitted in writing by the completion of a Course Registration Form along with an A4 page explaining the reasons for wishing to attend the course. Candidates applying for Stage 3 or Stage 4 will need to provide two references one personal and one professional from a previous counsellor trainer.

For further details regarding course content and written assignments at each level of the programme, fees, and a registration form, can be found in the course prospectus (click the link below).

3 East Hill, Colchester, Essex CO1 2QL 
Telephone Number 01206 791661

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